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In this course, students will learn how to use OpenRoads Designer on a variety of roadway projects. This hands-on training walks through the entire project design cycle, including existing ground data, geometry, superelevation, creating templates, roadway corridor design, template transitioning, template point control, sheet creation and volume calculations. By completing this course, students will be guided through a typical roadway design workflow, and allows them to completely design a simple roadway using OpenRoads Designer.

OpenRoads Designer Fundamentals

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    • Complete Introduction to OpenRoads
    • Introduction to Modeling
    • Project Explorer
    • Feature Definitions
    • Terrains
    • Design Standards
    • Horizontal Alignment Tools
    • Civil Rules and Standards
    • Vertical Alignments
    • Corridors
    • Super Elevation
    • Templates
    • Components and End Conditions
    • Template Transitioning
    • Template Point Controls
    • Parametric Constraints
    • Automated Drawing Production
    • Cross Sections Layout
    • Plan and Profile Sheets
    • Earthwork Calculations
    • Sheet Index
    • Print Organizer
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