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Why Choose Civil Solutions Inc.?

Our Approach

Civil Solutions, Inc., is a company based upon practical experience. Intending to support and train the civil engineering society, our company encourages individuals to share their knowledge with others. Our Instructors are practicing civil engineers that bring practical experience to our training sessions. This experience translates to solutions to the issues revolving around project development.



We provide excellent training and support to all customers, and we believe in the old school working relationship: do what you say and say what you do. Transparent, open, and honest. Hidden fees and extras are not in our business methods. We believe that maintaining our customers' satisfaction with our services is paramount, and encourage our customers to provide honest feedback. Our priority is to our customers' success in their learning endeavors, and look for continuous ways to improve their experience with us rather than chasing after as many customers as possible. 


Our services provide the information needed to expand your skillset and knowledge, which will aid you in your business ventures and projects. We utilize methods that increase client satisfaction with the software while simultaneously increasing productivity.


We provide multiple options for cutting-edge training and support. This allows our clients to choose the best solution for their specific needs. Instructor led training is a great way to get the team up and running quickly, while our video based training allows for a more gradual progression with less down time. Blocks of Time (BOT) provides one on one support for the team with active projects. 


At Civil Solutions, Inc., we make it our mission and priority to provide the best services possible, and we value open communication with all of our clients. To us, maintaining ethics, professionalism, morals, and honest communication is paramount.

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