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Civil Solutions, Inc. offers a wide variety of learning opportunities. Through our courses, webinars, videos, certificates, and support, we are proud to assist you in your professional learning. All of our instructors have expert working knowledge of the software, and they use their extensive experience in this field allow them to provide course material that is based on real-world solutions. We are also always available after training ends to further support your learning. We offer a variety of options in material, pricing, and support to fit your unique business needs and budget. Civil Solutions, Inc. has trained many professionals throughout the world, and we would be thrilled to have the opportunity to work with you!


Traditional Courses

Our traditional, in person courses offer hands-on, interactive learning with qualified and experienced instructors. These classes can take place at your office, an alternative training venue, or at our own training facility. These courses are ideal of group-learning, and offer the chance for your team to have a collaborative, learning experience.


Our webinar-based training is great for those looking for time flexibility. The entire class meets at a predetermined time to discuss the course overview and expectations. For each topic covered in the webinar, you will receive hands-on course material online that can be completed at your convenience. The class will then meet again to discuss the material covered, and the instructor will present the next topic.


Video Training

At Civil Solutions, Inc., video training is more than just videos. In addition to our thorough, comprehensive training videos, we also supply supplemental PDF's to further support you in your learning. With our videos and additional material, we will give you the tools to further your skills and allow you to apply the material right away. 

Custom Training Classes

In addition to our other courses, we also offer custom, on-site training classes on a variety of subjects. Our portable training facility can be set up in your office, eliminating unbillable hours preparing for training. We can even incorporate your project into our dataset to provide real-life situations and solutions. These classes reduce the transition from training to production, and increasing confidence and satisfaction.

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