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OpenRoads Survey




16 Hours

Course Hours Per Day

Days 1 - 4 = 5 Hours Per Day
Day 5 = 4 Hours

OpenRoads Survey

In this course, students will learn how to confidently and productively take survey field data and process it into a drawing with OpenRoads Designer. Throughout this course, we will walk through methods for manipulation and adjusting the data, as well as producing a base map of the field information that will include terrain representing the existing surface with contours. By completing this course, students will be confident and familiar with the tools necessary to work with field data, create in-depth maps, and more.

Course Topics

• Introduction to OpenRoads Designer
• Data Collection Discussion
• Import ASCII Data
• Survey Settings
• Survey Editing Tools
• Separators
• Terrain Models
• Points and Point Codes
• Point Editing
• Features
• Symbology

• Annotation
• Attributes
• Linear Editing
• TIW Standards
• Substitution Strings
• Translation/Rotation
• Terrains: Creation and Display
• Existing Ground Profiles
• Reporting
• Raw Data Processing and Mapping

Course Prerequisites

Those taking this course should have a minimum of two months of MicroStation experience, or a general understanding of Survey.

Course Type

• Online Classroom Learning
• Hands-On

Your Instructor

Brad Hodor

Brad Hodor is a Bentley Certified trainer with more than 28 years of Civil Engineering experience.  Mr. Hodor has specialized in engineering subdivisions, roadway and heavy civil projects. 

Mr. Hodor has an extensive background in roadway and site design.  Projects range from heavy civil to site development.   He is an active engineer utilizing Bentley products in normal daily activities. 

Brad Hodor
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