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Bentley Software
Training and Services

Civil Solutions, Inc. is proud to be an official Bentley training partner.  We are now offering a large selection of Bentley Software packages, certified training sessions along with custom classes.

Our Services

Our Services


Webinar Based training is for the students that require time flexibility. The entire class meets at a pre-determined time to discuss the course and expectations. For each topic, the students obtain the hands-on material online and can complete at their leisure. The group meets again to discuss the Hands-on content and present the next topic.

Instructor-Led Training

Instructor driven course.  The instructor presents a topic, then the students perform Hands-On activities, and questions answered prior to migrating to next topic. Class location can be in your office, an alternative training venue, or at our training facility.

Video Training

In a recent study, 96% of employees say videos help them learn better and faster.  Civil Solutions, Inc. video training is more than just videos.  Supplemental PDF's eliminate searching for content and allow employees to train on their needs of today with one click.

Custom Training

We offer custom On-Site classes.  We come to you, eliminating employee travel costs.  Our portable training facility can be set up in your office, eliminating unbillable hours preparing for training.  We can even incorporate your project into our dataset to provide real-life situations and solutions.  Reducing the transition from training to production, and increasing confidence and satisfaction.


Have a certified trainer in your office to immediately respond directly to the needs of employees. This option addresses time-sensitive needs that would otherwise impact the project. Our trainers will be right at your side to help you troubleshoot and to personally assist you in planning your project to avoid further pitfalls. 


I feel like I’ve learned more from you in the last few weeks than in the 3 years I’ve been using CADD.

Jen M

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