OpenRoads Designer Fundamentals


In this course, the students will learn to use OpenRoads Designer on roadway projects. This hands-on training walks students through the project design cycle including: existing ground data, geometry, superelevation, creating templates, roadway corridor design, template transitioning, template point control, sheet creation and volume calculations. This hands-on course will guide students through a typical roadway design workflow, and enables students to completely design a simple roadway using OpenRoads Designer.

OpenRoads Designer Corridor Modeling


This advanced level course expands the knowledge of Corridor Modeler tools. Users attending will learn how to create and use templates to design roadway corridors, up to a high degree of complexity. The course walks users through creating template components, template transitioning, applying template point controls, and creating superelevation.  Included in this course are grading and modeling techniques to aid in the creation of Cross-Section documents. 

OpenRoads Survey


In this class students will learn how to be productive and be able to take field data and process it into a drawing.  Methods for manipulation and adjusting the data will be shown.  At the end of this course, the students will be able to produce a base map of the field information along with a terrain representing existing surface with contours.

OpenRoads SUDA


This course is designed to train students on how to leverage the design data, provided through the Road and/or Site products, and to design a storm drainage system. The design of drainage area, inlets, pipes and networks and the production of drainage reports.

MicroStation Essentials

The MicroStation V8i Essentials course is designed for the new MicroStation user and builds a solid foundation in the concepts, tools and features found in the MicroStation drawing environment. In this hands-on course, students are using MicroStation in the first hour of class. Starting with setting up a drawing and concluding with plotting, students walk through a typical workflow using the tools and features of the latest version of MicroStation. Interspersed throughout are real-world design problems solved using the concepts learned to that point in the course.